The idea behind G Rapidement Envie de Coder (GREC - I Wanna Code Quickly) is to take the concept of a game jam / hackathon and apply it a short project so third year computer science students can use it to learn a new concept or language. The project should be able to be completed in a weekend or 48 hours.


For this project, the end goal is to create a tetris clone using Lua + LÖVE.


LÖVE makes it very easy to display sprites and images to screen. As such my first step was to draw the different blocks needed for the different tetrominos. I started off by drawing each tetrimino with Aseprite:

The “I” tetromino

After thinking about it a bit more, I realized drawing each different color block separately would be easier to deal with in-game and maybe a little more memory-efficient in the long run, although that is not the priority.

The “I” block

Loading and displaying an image in Lua with LÖVE looks like this:

-- Load the image to a variable
sprite ="path/to/image")
-- Draw `sprite` to screen at (150, 150), 150, 150)

Next time

That’s it for now, the next article will likely be about how the game board works. I hope you enjoyed reading this, see you next time!