About me

I am a Software Engineer at Alan who sometimes goes by the nickname sunbro.

Currently working on:

  • a React Native mobile app + Flask backend server to revive a game I used to play

Here is my CV:

About this website

This blog’s purpose is to share my experiences. The main subjects I will write about are most likely going to be web, mobile, and game development but other computer science related topics will likely also be written about.

The views expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, not those of my employers or anyone else.

I do not plan on talking a lot about my personal life, but I might write about my teaching experience and what I think can help others in similar situations.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them !

For any questions or comments please send me an email at: admin[at]sunbro[dot]dev

You can also read what I post via RSS !