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Presenting Nocode: The future of programming

A simple way to write clean single-file code without taking up disk space

2020-10-10 路 3 min 路 525 words 路 sunbro

Adding video support to the Hugo Terminal theme

Using Hugo shortcodes to adapt Hugo to my needs

2020-05-17 路 2 min 路 354 words 路 sunbro
Littleroot Town with a sign in a puddle

Making a simple Pok茅mon romhack - Editing a map

Editing the Littleroot Town map

2020-05-15 路 3 min 路 614 words 路 sunbro
Prof. Birch giving his introductory speech

Making a simple Pok茅mon romhack - Getting started

Starting out with Pok茅mon Emerald

2020-05-07 路 2 min 路 418 words 路 sunbro

Specific callbacks for each element of a RecyclerAdapter

Figuring out how to set a specific callback with RecyclerAdapters

2020-04-27 路 2 min 路 307 words 路 sunbro